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Hey all, today we'll be sharing some tips on how your might is symbolic of your position in the Palace. You're more likely to be promoted. Please complete more quests and claim rare items with a higher Might.


But how to Mighty Up quicker?

There are 3 ways to make it happen! By means Mighty Up your character, hero or equipment.

Now, we are going to tell you ways to Mighty Up your character.

Character's Mighty Up

There are 3 easy sections which includes upgrading, awakening and collecting costumes for your character.

1) Upgrading Your Character


Upgrade Pills are important to upgrade your character and heroes. However during the 4th upgrade, your heroes will need corresponding shards for further upgrades, whereas your character will need Upgrade Gem to complete this.


Players are able to obtain this valuable Upgrade Gem as a reward,  dropped in Travel and Accompany sections. 


For Travel section, Upgrade Gems are rewarded after players successfully clear the checkpoint stages. More Upgrade Gems are also rewarded at the first-clear.



For Accompany section, you will be granted 8 Upgrade Gems once your favorability points reach 1300 to claim the top favorability chest.

Entering the Favor Ranking will be granting players with appointed Upgrade Gems, and the Gems can be collected in Date Event by chance too. Remember to interact with the Emperor/ Princess to win this valuable item!

The Awakening:

Your character is allowed to be awakened after completing the 5th upgrades.


Both Upgrade Pills and Awaken Gems will be needed in this session.

You can collect Awaken Gems by participating in Clan Wars, which is held every Wednesdays and Saturdays at 20:00 (Server Time).

Currently, players can only awaken their characters by at most 3 stars.

Condition of 1st Awakening Star:  unlocked after Upgrade+5

Condition of 2nd Awakening Star:  unlocked after Upgrade+8

Condition of 3rd Awakening Star:  unlocked after Upgrade+11

Today's guide ends here.

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