Mentorship System: Lighten Your Palace Life2018-11-14 18:47:42

Royal Chaos released the Mentorship system! I am so curious whether you have already found your mentorr? Or have you gotten a clever apprentice?151542279559886030974.png


The Mentorship System aims at helping you make more friends and giving you a better game experience.


Today, let us deep discover this latest Mentorship System~

Q: I am totally a freshman! How can I find my mentor?151542279574281006314.png

A: Don’t Worry! Once you clear Stage. 70, it is easy for you to find "Mentor' s Hall" in "Social".



Q: But !!! I have no friend, How can I find a mentor?151542279616362090425.png

A: Emmmm...This is a CROSS-SERVER system!

Anyone in Royal Chaos (same region) is possible to be your mentor. You have chance to make new friends even from other servers now! Excited?



Q: What is Mentorship Quest? Any rewards?151542279653258082845.png

A: Originally Mentors can assign up to 3 tasks to Apprentices per day, the tasks refresh at 12 p.m Server Time. More tasks will be unlocked as Mentor Degree levels up.

By completing the tasks, Apprentices gain experience and gold, Mentors receive the Reputation and Mentor Pts, this will add up to Mentorship Point for both Mentors and Apprentices.



Q: My mentor taught me a lot, is there any way to record our relationship?151542279671184092793.png

A: We just know you couldn' t hold back your excitement! Inviting your mentor and all your classmates together to try out the new mode "Mentorship" in "Camera".




Q: It is our mentors' turn, right? Say something about Mentor Degree? 151542279759528001514.png

A: Completing Mentor Quest or interacting with apprentices grants mentors Mentor Pts and Reputation, which can be used to exchange limited items in Mentor Shop, and level up Mentor Degree.


Q: What can I get by leveling up the Mentor Degree? 151542279763967020300.png

A: Higher Mentor Degree brings more Styles, Head FreamesFrames, Bubbles and even costumes, all for FREE!


 时装1-英.png     时装2-英.png


Q: Wait! Costumes?! Show me! 151542279825174077418.png

A:  The award for Mentor Lv.5 is a【Mermaid Love Design Box】

And a whole 【Affectionate set】 will be unlocked when Mentors reach Lv.7.

     深蓝-英.png     人鱼-英.png


Q: Finally, what if there is one day I have a lot of apprentices, is there any reward?151542279851836082829.png

A: Of course. We have updated the "Progress" in Social Trophies.


Wish you all achieve "Students Everywhere"

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