• [Tutorial]Embattle Guide - Physician - the Commanding Controller10-11

    In Royal Chaos, Physician is the mighty support incapacitates enemies, enabling allies to deal more damage and relieve them from enemies‘ attack. Today we‘ll bring the 4th Class Embattle Guide for Physician, the great controller.

  • [Tutorial]Embattle Guide - Chef - the Dutiful Support09-21

    In Royal Chaos, Chef is the dutiful support sustaining allies with strong shield, boosting up their damage output. Today we‘ll bring the 3rd Class Embattle Guide for Chef, the powerful support.

  • [Tutorial]Hero Guide - Dongpo: More Rounds, More Damage09-14

    You may noticed the newcome cute guy - Dongpo after last update. Yuexiu will definitely give a lesson to the Imperial Household Dept, why keep hiding Dongpo for so long?! Some players have already got the Ultimate Treasures for him! But better late than never, the good news is that Dongpo will be available in the limited event - Hero Summoning this weekend, and you should never miss it! So here comes the guide of Dongpo, for your better understanding of the formidable Hero that worth owning.

  • [Tutorial]Guard - the Valiant Damage Taker09-07

    In Royal Chaos, Guard is the valorous shield that we can always rely on. Today we‘ll bring the 2nd Class Embattle Guide for Guard, the valiant damage taker.

  • [Tutorial]Scholar - the AOE Damage Dealer08-24

    In Royal Chaos, there are 4 classes available for players to choose: Chef, Physician, Guard and Scholar. Most of you may still find it confusing to form the proper lineup for each class. Today comes the first Class Embattle Guide - Scholar - the AOE damage dealer.

  • [Tutorial]Hero Guide - Song Yu: Crushing To Enemies Defence08-16

    In the latest guide, we have introduced Renjie. Today we will talk about another powerful DMG hero Song Yu which is relatively easy to raise in Fabled heroes.

  • [Tutorial]Hero Guide - Renjie: Get The Powerful AOE08-15

    For most players, Renjie is one of the easiest acquired AOE & Damage heroes in the early stage. However, many players have no concept of how to fully utilize him, so today‘s guide we will talk about Renjie.

  • [Tutorial]Hero Guide - Wencheng: More Powerful Than A Red Hero? 08-07

    The Royal Chaos Operations Team has sent the Epic Hero Wencheng to everyone who attended the 100th NA Server Event in Facebook. For Wencheng is really powerful and rare in the game, we should talk about how to use her in this guide.

  • [Tutorial]From Common to Fabled: Mighty Up Your Equipments II08-06

    In the previous Equipment guide, we‘ve talked about Quality, Enhancement, and Emballte. Now let‘s see how we can obtain high-quality equipment sets promptly.

  • [Tutorial]From Common to Fabled: Mighty Up Your Equipments08-03

    At the previous Be the Ruler in the Palace guide series, we‘ve discussed how to might up the heroes. This last one of the series will teach you how to might up your equipment. There are several aspects of the enhancement of equipment.