• [Tutorial]Royal Comic: Embattle11-16

    Oh My God! Look! The Empress is coming! Why is she so mad? And... ARMED?! What should Lingruo do? Let‘s have a look! How Lingruo embattle and fight back!

  • [Tutorial]The Attribute Optimization of Equip. Sets11-05

    ​Hi, do you remember the happiness when you activated the Outfit Attribute? And then, you get a Fabled part of this set. You can not wait to equip it to achieve higher power...

  • [Tutorial]Royal Comic: Pageant11-01

    Lingruo studied hard under the instructions of the Master. Not surprisingly her Might increased sharly within a week. The Pageant is about to begin and Lingruo is extremely confident to compete. It‘s going to be her turn, see what‘s gonna happen~

  • [Tutorial]Hero Guide - Li Bai: Romantic Immortal Poet10-29

    Li Bai is a great romantic poet of Tang Dynasty, known as the "Immortal". In Royal Chaos, Li Bai heads into battle with his sword as a Fabled Hero.

  • [Tutorial]Yuexiu‘s Royal Lecture: Treasure Guide 10-24

    ​Yuexiu knows that many of you are wondering if there‘s any tips to draw the Treasures? Yuexiu have something to share with your Majesty about the Treasures.

  • [Tutorial]Royal Comic: Power Up10-23

    Welcome to the Royal Comic World! It‘s the first day for our Lady Lingruo to set foot in the Royal Palace, meet her Mr. Right and fight for love! Royal Master just offered some advice to her. Let‘s have a look!

  • [Tutorial]Hero Guide - Wan‘er: Best Group Healer10-17

    In the previous Hero guide, we introduced Princess Wencheng. Today we‘ll bring you another Healer- Wan‘er, who is no doubt one of the strongest Healers in the game.

  • [Tutorial]Embattle Guide - Physician - the Commanding Controller10-11

    In Royal Chaos, Physician is the mighty support incapacitates enemies, enabling allies to deal more damage and relieve them from enemies‘ attack. Today we‘ll bring the 4th Class Embattle Guide for Physician, the great controller.

  • [Tutorial]Embattle Guide - Chef - the Dutiful Support09-21

    In Royal Chaos, Chef is the dutiful support sustaining allies with strong shield, boosting up their damage output. Today we‘ll bring the 3rd Class Embattle Guide for Chef, the powerful support.

  • [Tutorial]Hero Guide - Dongpo: More Rounds, More Damage09-14

    You may noticed the newcome cute guy - Dongpo after last update. Yuexiu will definitely give a lesson to the Imperial Household Dept, why keep hiding Dongpo for so long?! Some players have already got the Ultimate Treasures for him! But better late than never, the good news is that Dongpo will be available in the limited event - Hero Summoning this weekend, and you should never miss it! So here comes the guide of Dongpo, for your better understanding of the formidable Hero that worth owning.