• [Tutorial]Hero Guide - Shizhen: Chaotic and Stun12-13

    Li Shizhen was a Chinese herbalist from Ming dynasty who is renowned for great contribution of proper classification of herb components and medications.

  • [Tutorial]Hero Guide - Xuanji: Critical Strike Dealer12-07

    Xunaji was one of the most famous women poets of the late Tang dynasty for her distinctive quality of her poems. In Royal Chaos, Xuanji is a fabled hero as well as a primary poet and she deals AOE damage to enemies. With great critical rate, Xuanji can deal destructive damage in a battle.

  • [Tutorial]Royal Comic: Smelting12-05

    Hi all~ Did you miss Yuexiu? Recently, Lingruo is worrying about the advancement of equipment. Emperor Mu also comes to help her. And then...

  • [Tutorial]Hero Guide- Prince Gao: Attack and Dodge11-30

    Prince Gao is a great soldier with braveness and intelligence in ancient China. In Royal Chaos, he turns to be a Fabled Hero, as well as a Senior Sword Sage.

  • [Tutorial]Yuexiu‘s Royal Lecture: AGI Attribute11-29

    There are 8 attributes in Royal Chaos, which are ATK, HP, Crit, ACC, DEF, AGI, RES and EVA. Each of them represents a corresponding ability. Today, come with Yuexiu to discover AGI attribute!

  • [Tutorial]Hero Guide- Taiping: Control and Seal11-28

    Taiping, a famous princess in Tang Dynasty. In Royal Chaos, Taiping turns to be a Fabled hero, as well as a Super Chess Sage.

  • [Tutorial]Royal Comic: Dating11-27

    Yuexiu‘s Royal Comic time again! Emperor had been busy for a long time and did not come to Lingruo‘s palace. Royal Master offers some suggestions to Lingruo about the Dating.

  • [Tutorial]Hero Guide- Mulan: A Tank with Top Survivability11-26

    Mulan is a legendary heroine in the Northern and Southern Dynasties. In Royal Chaos, Mulan turns to be a Fabled hero with top survivability.

  • [Tutorial]Yuexiu‘s Royal Lecture: Treasure Guide II11-22

    Do you remember Yuexiu‘s Royal Lecture: Treasure Guide I ? Now, Yuexiu gonna have my second lecture! Listen carefully, everyone!

  • [Tutorial]Hero Guide - Pan An: A Super Support11-21

    Pan An is a well-known writer and politician in the Western Jin Dynasty. In Royal Chaos, Pan An is turns to be a Fabled Hero, have an aptitude for able to improving the damage output and survival ability for all allies.