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Pan An is a well-known writer and politician in the Western Jin Dynasty. 

In Royal Chaos, Pan An turns to be a Fabled Hero, have an aptitude for improving the damage output and survival ability for all allies. 

Positioning: Back Support

Skills :


The Active Skill - Heartfelt Love, increases all allies' DMG, reduces the DMG dealt to them by 29%, and immunizes negative effects for 1 round. (Lv. 1)

The Passive skill - Sorrow of Fall, provides a 30% chance to increase Crit by 30% for each turn of allies. (Lv. 1)

Leveling up will correspondingly intensify the Skill effects.

No matter for the Tanks or the DMG outputs, Pan An plays an extremely supportive role. 

Equipment :

As a Support, Bliss or Royal Set greatly improves Pan's AGI and survivability.


Bliss Set: increase AGI, raise the ATK and DEF bonus.


Royal Set: increases the DEF and HP, help Pan An afford more damage and increase the buff. 

For more Equipment Info: From Common to Fabled: Mighty Up Your Equipments



Pan's Destiny Treasure is Lamp.

Other treasures with HP Bonus are acceptable if you haven' t drawn a Lamp.

For more Treasure Info: Yuexiu' s Royal Lecture: Treasure Guide





Preference: AGI, HP, and DEF Gems. 

For more Gem Info: Gem Guide - Master Eight Precious Stones



AOE Hero: Li Bai/ Song Yu/ Renjie

With Pan's support, the increase of Crit helps the AOEs deal more damage .

For more Embattle Info: Hero Allocation Guide - Form Your Embattle


Pan An has three skins, each brings extra attributes as: ATK, DEF and HP

Autumn Grief & Recall Past: unlock after Awaken, cost Skin Shards to obtain. 


Awaken to 2 Stars to Equip.


Awaken to 1 Star to Equip.


Epic·Soaring: please keep eyes on the coming events!

The guide for Pan An ends here.

Get your Pan An and power up your team!

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