Royal Chaos Upcoming Update Preview 2018-09-20 17:34:32

Finally, the new update is coming soon! You must as thirsty as me. I know you, so let's take a preview about new features in this update.

New Fabled Hero, Princess Taiping


As we disclosed before, we'll have a new fabled hero, Princess Taiping, will join Royal Chaos Hero pool. We'll have more formations to choose with a unique damage dealer like her definitely. Taiping is ready to fight, are you?

New Gameplay, Quench, Pet Instance, Faction Treasure Hunt

Have got all fabled equipment and are troubling in might up? Here comes all new GODLY equipment. You'll be able to quench your fabled equipment to godly with special quench materials which will give you a huge might up. Not have all fabled equipment yet? Don't miss out the Equipment Advance event we've been having recently. Get your equipment ready to pink.


So, how could we advance to godly? A new Pet Instance will be launched after this update. Challenge the pet to get quench materials. But don't be deceived by this cute kitty. It's not as friendly as it looks. You gotta be get enough might ready to beat it.


Also, A Faction Treasure Hunt event will be added to Agenda where you can group with your faction members to solve puzzles and win Super Chest (tons of fabled hero shards).

New Experience, Secondary Password


Have you ever expend items or materials by miss operation, which you didn't mean to?/(ㄒoㄒ)/~~ No worries any more. You'll be able to set a Secondary Password for verification before valued items or materials (such as, fabled hero shards, epic equipment or above) consumption. No more miss operation~

New Theme, Dating


Can emperor and princess be more creative?? It's really boring now, with so many days firework dates. Finally, they'll give you a new date theme, Pondoflotus (optional at Intimacy lv.3 or above). Are you ready to enjoy the glorious full moon with emperor/princess in Lotus Pond?

But how could we forget the STORYLINE?? New chapters are meat on the table! I can't wait to enjoy new stories either. 

New update will come on next week. Are you ready for it?

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