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Taiping, a famous princess in Tang Dynasty.

In Royal Chaos, Taiping turns to be a Fabled hero, as well as a Super Chess Sage.



Positioning: Crowd Control




Active Skill- Jade Autumn

Dealing 175% DMG, plus 132 bonus DMG to 3 random enemies, providing a 42% chance to seal the skill for 1 round.


(Leveling up will correspondingly intensify the Skill effects.)


Passive skill: Graceful Crown

The enemy hero who deals the most DMG to Taiping will be marked and loses passive skill effect, which cannot be dispelled.


Some AOE heroes, such as, Li Bai and Song Yu, will be highly influenced by Taiping' s passive skill.


(Leveling up will correspondingly intensify the Skill effects.)





Preference:  Zephyr or Merak Set

Provide Crit which decreases the EVA rate.

Increase the AGI, helping Taiping casts skills earlier.

For more Equipment Info: From Common to Fabled: Mighty Up Your Equipments





Mulan' s Destiny Treasure is Pendant.

Basic Attribute: ATK and ACC

Destiny Attribute: Crit

For more Treasure Info: 

Yuexiu' s Royal Lecture: Treasure Guide

Yuexiu‘s Royal Lecture: Treasure Guide II





Preference: AGI, HP and ACC Gems. 


For more Gem Info: Gem Guide - Master Eight Precious Stones


Front: Mulan, Wan' er


Tank and Heal at front with high HP and high DEF, take DMG and help Taiping better control the enemies.


For more Embattle Info: Hero Allocation Guide - Form Your Embattle


Taiping has two skins.


Epit· Moon increases ATKDEFHP and Crit.



 Epic· Moonlit increases ATKDEFHP.

This is the end of Taiping' s guide, hope it would be useful for you.

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