Yuexiu‘s Royal Lecture: AGI Attribute2018-11-29 17:49:57

There are attributes in Royal Chaos, which are ATK, HP, Crit, ACC, DEF, AGI, RES and EVA. Each of them represents a corresponding ability.



Today, come with Yuexiu to discover AGI attribute!


AGI represents the cast speed, increases 2 bonus Rage, both basic attack and counter attack can increase the Rage, which is used to trigger the active skills.


A higher AGI brings higher frequency to cask skills, which is really an important attribute.


Did you notice that AGI Gem is  more expensive than other gems in Mall?



Next, Yuexiu would like to to show you how important AGI is, I will take four positionings as example.


1. Tank: Mulan


Active Skill: immune skill effect and DMG.


As a Tank, increasing the AGI helps Mulan cast the skill earlier than enemies, thus immune more DMG.


2. AOE: Renjie


Passive Skill: When the enemy' s HP is higher than 50%, the DMG he deals is increased.


Renjie' s Passive Skill highly increases his DMG. Higher AGI helps Renjie trigger the Passive Skill earlier, maximum his DMG.


3. Support: Pan An


Active Skill: Increase all allies' DMG and DMG reduction.


As a support, higher AGI brings faster speed to provide DMG and DMG reduction to your team.


4. Control: Taiping


Active Skill: Dealing DMG, providing chance to seal the skill.


As a Control, Taiping needs high AGI to move first and get control.


That's all for the AGI Attribute guide today.

Dont' t be hesitate to increase your AGI and power up your team!

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