New Update Preview: Home & Pet2018-12-12 16:47:52

It's around the middle of December, seems that there are some changes in the palace. 

Pets are becoming more and more popular recently. 

The decorating instruction has been removed by the order of Emperor Mu. 

Would you like to know something about the update in advance?

1.Home system

You must have been looking forward to the Home System for a long time. 

Now, the long-anticipated system comes!


Let's have a look!


You are about to have your own home, and chance to experience the Cultivation and Fishing gameplay.

More functions are waiting for you to explore~

2.Pet System

All of you must be familiar with the Pet Instance. At this time, the fierce Instance Bosses will come to you as lovely pets.


Find the Incubator in your home and you can hatch the pets! 


Don't underestimate the pets because of the super cute out-looking, they're great of help in battle!


Before the update, we're holding an interesting event on Royal Chaos Official Website with amazing rewards

So keep an eye on us and don't miss out!

3.Elite Biography

In addition to the home and pet systems, Elite biographies opens as well.


Five Red Heroes await here for your challenge!

The preview of the upcoming update ends here. 

So stay tuned if you wanna know more!

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