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Prince Gao is a great soldier with braveness and intelligence in ancient China.

In Royal Chaos, he turns to be a Fabled Hero, as well as a Senior Sword Sage.


Positioning: Tank




Active Skill: Dealing 185% DMG, plus 138 bonus DMG to front enemies. Also increasing EVA by 40% for 2 rounds.

Passive Skill: Every dodge will trigger a counter strike, and dealing DMG by 95% of his attack, plus 300 bonus DMG to enemies.

EVA is quiet important for Prince Gao, as it helps him dodge both basic attack and skill DMG.



Serenity or Royal Set: Greatly improves Prince Gao' s HP, AGI, RES and DEF. Higher EVA can trigger the Passive Skill for more times.

For more Equipment Info:

From Common to Fabled: Mighty Up Your Equipments



Prince Gao' s Destiny Treasure is Bracelet.
Basic Attribute: HP and EVA
Destiny Attribute: ATK

As a Tank, Prince Gao takes DMG for the team, higher HP takes more DMG.
The increase of EVA contributes to Prince Gao' s Active and Passive Skills.
And by increasing the ATK, Prince Gao deals more DMG to front enemies.

For more Treasure Info:

Yuexiu' s Royal Lecture: Treasure Guide

Yuexiu‘s Royal Lecture: Treasure Guide II



Preference: EVA, ATK and HP Gems.

For more Gem Info:
Gem Guide - Master Eight Precious Stones



1. Damaged Dealer: Song Yu/ Dongpo

Combine with Prince Gao' s Active Skill, Song Yu and Dongpo can deal high DMG to front enemies.


2.Support: Pan An
Pan' s Active Skill increasing Prince Gao' s DMG and DMG reduction.

For more Embattle Info:
Hero Allocation Guide - Form Your Embattle


Drunken Battler


Increase the ATK, DEF and HP.

That is all for today' s guide.
Get your Prince Gao and power up your team!

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