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Xunaji was one of the most famous women poets of the late Tang dynasty for her distinctive quality of her poems. 

In Royal Chaos, she turns to a Fabled Hero as well as a primary poet and she deals AOE damage to enemies. 

With great critical rate, Xuanji can deal destructive damage in a battle.


Positioning: AOE Damage Dealer




Active Skill: Scarlet Wipe

Xuanji deals 122% DMG plus 92 bonus DMG to all enemies and it will also increase Crit rate by 40% for 2 rounds.

(Leveling up skills will correspondingly increase the skill power)

Passive Skill: Misty Rain

Every time when Xuanji launches a Crit hit, Xuanji deals a bonus damage of 8% of enemy's max HP. (bonus damage does not exceed 60% of her attack)

(Leveling up skills will correspondingly increase the skill power)

Xuanji's active skill deal massive damage to all enemies and it is especially effective to those vulnerable ones in the back row

At the same time, it increases her critical rate to further enhance her damage.

Xunaji's passive skill is only activated when she did a critical damage to the enemy. 

The bonus damage can effectively take down front row tanks in a fight.


Duality Set is the recommended outfit for its high Crit value and ATK which can greatly increase Xuanji's critical rate and total damage.


For more Equipment Info:

From Common to Fabled: Mighty Up Your Equipments


Xuanji's Destiny Treasure is Stamp

Basic Attribute: ATK and Crit

Destiny Attribute: ACC


The basic and destiny attributes match well with Xuanji’s skills. 

ATK increases her basic attack.

Crit increases her rate of critical hit.

ACC makes sure that she does not miss attacks. 

For more Treasure Info:

Yuexiu' s Royal Lecture: Treasure Guide

Yuexiu' s Royal Lecture: Treasure Guide II



Recommended choices for gems are ATK, Crit and HP so that Xuanji can deal great damage while still having a good survivability. 

For more Gem Info:
Gem Guide - Master Eight Precious Stones


AOE Hero: Renjie


Renjie's active skill can also deal AOE damage to all enemies with bonus if enemies have more than 50% of health. 

Single DMG: Lord Yi


Lord Yi deals great damage to single target who has the lowest HP. 

With the cooperation of Xuanji, Lord Yi can take down enemies in the back row.

For more Embattle Info:
Hero Allocation Guide - Form Your Embattle


Xuanji has two skins:Stringed Sound and Epic·White as Snow


Each skin increases ATK, DEF and HP.

That is all for today' s guide.

Get the Xuanji and power up your team!

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