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Li Shizhen was a Chinese herbalist from Ming dynasty who is renowned for great contribution of proper classification of herb components and medications. 

In Royal Chaos, he becomes a great Support in team fight with Powerful Control Abilities.


Positioning: Crowd Control




The Active Skill- Materia Medica:

Dealing 106% damage, plus 82 bonus damage to 3 random enemies. Additionally, the skill has a 40% chance to make targets chaotic for 1 round.

(Leveling up skills will correspondingly increase the skill power)

The Passive Skill- Cut Veins:

Shizhen deals 60% damage to all enemies as well as a 32% chance to stun them when he dies.

(Leveling up skills will correspondingly increase the skill power)


As high Agility helps Shizhen make the first move, Bliss Set is a good choice for him to make the enemy chaotic at the start of battle.


For more Equipment Info:

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Shizhen's Destiny Treasure is Fan.

Basic Attribute: HP and ACC

Destiny Attribute: HP

For more Treasure Info:

Yuexiu' s Royal Lecture: Treasure Guide

Yuexiu' s Royal Lecture: Treasure Guide II


Recommonded Choices: HP, AGI and ACC


For more Gem Info:
Gem Guide - Master Eight Precious Stones



As a hero with control skills, it's better to place Shizhen in the back row to support the team. 

Shizhen works well with Heroes such as Li Bai and Song Yu, they can deal great amount of damage.

For more Embattle Info:
Hero Allocation Guide - Form Your Embattle



Gale Chaser: increases ATK, DEF and HP.

That is all for today' s guide.

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