Christmas Event: Create Your Own Comic2018-12-24 14:34:28

He's making a list~

He's checking it twice~

He's gonna find out~

Who's naughty or nice~

Santa Claus is comin' to town~

It's Christmas Eve!

She's decorating a Christmas Tree, but what did she say made him a speechless face??

Try filling out the dialogues in the 4-koma below. 

Chance to win a Christmas gift for you.



Submit your entry in comment below the Pinned Post on Official Royal Chaos Facebook Page:

(Comment Format: 1.**************, 2. **************, 3. **************. )


Top 3 most-liked will get:

Snowman*10, Normal Pet Egg*1, Coin Chest*5


50 will be selected to win the lucky reward:

Snowman*10, Advanced EXP Pill*10, Coin Chest*2


Time: 2018.12.24-2018.12.26


I will announce the winners on 12.27 and send the prize via in-game mailbox within 5 working days.


Yue Xiu

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